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October 2012

Website re-launched (in progress)

June 2005

Documents page added

Website transferred to a new server

Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses removed from addresses page

January 2004

List of pre-1600 Lutleys updated

New photos added

June 2001

Visitors and address book updated

August 2000

Origin of names and variants page updated

July 2000

Visitors and address book updated

November 1999

25th November: 'Culm Valley Memories' an article written by David Lutley added (access via history page).

July 1999

27th July: 3 Lutleys involved in the Monmouth Rebellion added (access via history page)

14th July: Visitors page updated

14th July: Inventory added of goods of Humfry Lutley (died 1628) of Uffculme (access via Wills page)

14th July: Wills and administrations page updated with 9 Enville branch wills

June 1999

21st June: List added of Lutley wills and administrations (access via Records page)

20th June: List added of pre 1600 Lutleys (access via Records page)

17th June: List added of first Lutleys to settle in USA, Canada, Africa and Australia (access via Records page)

16th June: Variants of name section added (access via "Origin of name and variants" link)

15th June: 1881 Census page added (access via new "1881 Census" link).14th June: Links page added (access via new "Links" link)

13th June: Biographical details added for Robert John Lutley (access via History page)

9th June: Information about Lutley hamlets and article about Lutley Mill added (access via History page)

8th June: Biographical details added for Philip Lutley Sclater and William Lutley Sclater (access via History page)

7th June: Map of Enville added (access via Branches page)

6th June: Registration form added

1st June: Site launched.