Most Lutleys can be linked into one of the following three branches:

1. The Hemyock branch.

The earliest known member of this branch is James Lutley born about 1650 and married in Hemyock, Devon. There were Lutleys in Hemyock from at least 1600. This branch farmed in Hemyock up until the early 1900s, and some of James' descendants still live in Hemyock, as well as Australia, Canada, South Africa, USA and other parts of England and Wales. This branch comprises 540 people spanning 11 generations.

2. The Wiveliscombe branch.

The earliest known member of this branch is Robert,who was born about 1695 and married in Wiveliscombe, Somerset. This branch farmed in Wiveliscombe, and Robert's descendants now live in England and USA. Wiveliscombe is just over the county border from Hemyock and DNA results indicate that these two branches are linked. As the common ancestor predates the introduction of the parish register system, he is going to be difficult to find! This branch comprises 326 people spanning 10 generations.

3. The Enville branch.

This starts with Phillip de Lutteleye born about 1240 and married in Enville, Staffs and his younger brother Adam. As far as I am aware there are no living Lutley descendants [2011 update: there are living diect male descendants, but no longer bearing the surname Lutley], though there are Littleton and probably other descendants from female Lutleys. This branch comprises 162 people spanning 19 generations.